EUROCERT Event for the 2021 Report

The annual event for the Report of last year, was held by EUROCERT in Arachova, on 4 and 5 February 2022, in the presence of the President of the company, executives and employees.

In particular, the course of the company for the previous year was presented by the heads of the Departments, such as the Directorate of Certification, Infrastructure, Marketing, Abroad, etc.
The President and CEO of EUROCERT, Mr. George Briskolas, addressed a greeting, expressing his satisfaction for the Acts of 2021, thanked the staff of the company for their valuable contribution to the implementation of the objectives of EUROCERT, due to the difficult, , conditions of 2021, while at the same time setting the targets for 2022.



It is worth noting that in 2021, it had a positive footprint for EUROCERT, as its turnover increased by 10%, compared to the previous year.

The company’s planning for 2022 includes the further strengthening of its presence in foreign countries, over 40, in which it is already active, the participation in important Exhibitions and events, as well as the continuation of the development of new and innovative certification products.

The three-day event, which also included a tour of Delphi and sports activities, functioned as a team bonding event, bringing the company’s employees and executives closer together.

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