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The Simple Pressure Vessels Directive applies to simple pressure vessels manufactured in series. A “simple pressure vessel” being any welded vessel subjected to an internal gauge pressure of greater than 0,5 bar intended to contain air or nitrogen which is not intended to be fired.


For a vessel to fall into the scope of the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive, it must meet all of the following categories

  •  Unfired
  • Cylindrical welded construction
  • Constructed of certain grades of steel or aluminium
  • Intended to contain nitrogen or air
  • Gauge pressure greater than 0,5 bar
  • Produced in series

Simple Pressure Vessels Directive’s scope also has limits on the maximum working pressure and temperature as well as the types of end to the vessel. If these limits are exceeded, the vessel falls into the scope of the Pressure Equipment Directive – PED.

Conformity requirements

In order for vessels to be put on the market they must not compromise the safety of persons, domestic animals or property when properly installed and maintained. The Route followed to conformity and requirements of the Directive vary with the value of the product of Ps x V.

– If Ps x V exceeds 50 then the product must meet the essential safety requirements of the directive as found in Annex I of the Directive. These products will require the involvement of an approved inspection body.

– If Ps x V is 50 or less must be manufactured with sound engineering practice and bear the markings as described in point one of Annex II of the Directive.

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>> Low Voltage Directive

>> European Standards (ENs)


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