Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) applies to you if you manufacture, import and/or distribute construction products within the European Economic Area.

What does the regulation cover?

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has a very broad scope and applies to all types of products from welding consumables to building materials to road construction products. If a “harmonised technical specification” has been published for the product concerned, you must comply with this specification.

All products covered by the regulation must meet the relevant essential performance characteristics which are related to the “Basic requirements for construction works” as defined within Annex I of the CPR.

These requirements fall into the following categories

  • mechanical resistance and stability
  • safety in the case of fire
  • hygiene, health and the environment
  • safety and accessibility in use
  • protection against noise
  • energy economy and heat retention
  • sustainable use of natural resources.

What does the new EU CPR mean for importers distributors and manufacturers?

The manufacturer of a product that requires CE-marking, is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the product meets all requirements. The manufacturer needs to ensure that all evidence is available and presented in the correct way. This includes the application of a CE label on the product and the distribution of the DoP.

Importers and/or distributors must ensure that construction products, where required, bear the CE mark and are accompanied by the correct documentation, instructions and safety information. Distributors must also ensure that the manufacturer and the importer have complied with their requirements under the Construction Products Directive. Achieving compliance can be a complex process.

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